Magento extention

Intechsoft company has over 6 years experience in building custom Magento extensions for various ecommerce projects, and huge experience on how to create extensions in the right way.
Mainly Magento extension development comes down to connection between Magento and a third party system. It may be supported either by use of the Magento API or by our custom implementation.
Testing our extensions , we make you sure that the extension works on all supported Platform and PHP versions, etc. reducing customers` problem.

Our sophisticated technical and customer documentation may help you to save time, and technical documentation will provide an overview of the architecture , explaining the choices, we made.
This can be used to maintain the extension internally if you chose to. The customer documentation includes installation and usage guides as well as FAQ (frequently asked questions).
Intechsoft company will continue to work and understand all your customers' issues, you are running into , ways to avoid and resolve them in nearest time.
Initially this will be via warranty period and after extension built and beyond that we would be happy to create a support agreement.