Magento hosting

From Magento to Websphere, Shopify to Oracle, whatever the size and platform you choose, Intechsoft offers affordable bare metal infrastructure and industry experience to get you up and keep you running. We find for you best solution with our barely metal servers, virtual servers and cloud platform in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Netherlands and Singapore with professional 24/7 support and Free Administration.

Intechsoft company is not only web development company, our company runs the world's most powerful, scalable and feature-rich eCommerce applications without performance or availability worries on our highpower bare metal servers and high-speed fibre networking in Europe , USA and Asia. Magento gets a bit resource hungry when the themes, plugins or add-ons increase in number so it is very important to deal with professionals.

Our servers have high uptime which is essential for a store. We always make it a point to meet the uptime guarantee offered to customers. For any commercial transactions, it is mandatory for the host to provide a secure means of data transfer. Keeping this in mind, Intechsoft provides a Free SSL certificate to all PHP Cloud Hosting customers so that their store and all related transactions are done through safe channels. We have also implemented several caching mechanisms in the server to boost the website speed and page response times.

Intechsoft company knows the importance of page loading speeds and hence to boost the loading speed of websites, we provide a CDN along with our control panel. CDN (Content Delivery Network) is an optional feature which customers can choose if they wish. CDN, if utilized, will increase your page loading speed by fetching data from servers which are geographically nearer to the visitor. The CDN incorporated with our PHP Cloud Hosting package, we coloborate with CloudFlare.

  • 24/7 Tech Support Available via Online chat, Jabber, ticket, skype.

  • Free administration Certify Administrators resolved troubleshooting during 30 mins.

  • Free backup All virtual servers back up automatically.

  • Server monitoring Our sophisticated monitoring system showing in a real time if you server or site is up.

  • DDOS Protection We have Free basis protection up to 1 GBS.